Why You Need To Talk To a Burlington Electrician about AFCIs

Why You Need To Talk To a Burlington Electrician about AFCIs

Safety is an important thing when you use electricity in your home or business. There are various devices that can be used to enhance safety when using electricity. An arc circuit interrupter initialized as AFCI is used to help prevent fire that may be used by unsafe wiring conditions. It is important that you differentiate between ground fault circuit interrupters initialized as GFCIs and arc fault circuit interrupters initialized as AFCIs. With GFCIs, they are used to provide safety by shutting off electricity when there is anomaly in current flow. A Burlington electrician helps fit these different devices to ensure that there is safety when using electricity.

  • An Arc – What is It?

When you talk of an arc, it is an electrical current taking place through the air. While most arcs tend to be harmless, if your electrical system has problems like a loose wiring, an arc may bring troubles. For example, the arc can trigger temperature rise to over 5000 degrees, something that can result in fire. Electrical code demands that AFCIs are installed in areas such as sleeping areas and bedrooms. The reason AFCI devices should be installed in such areas is because an arc may cause smoke that people may inhale before they even wake up to switch off the electric circuit breaker.

  • Do You Need an AFCI device?

An electrician can help you determine if you need to have AFCIs installed or not. If you have a home with an elderly person or with an individual who has mobility issues, it would be good if you have the devices installed. It also makes sense when you have AFCIs installed in home with disabled people or kids. In business premises, arc fault circuit breakers are installed if you use heat-type appliances. In essence, you may have the fire prevention devices installed in areas where there are fire safety concerns whether at home or in your business premise.

  • Choosing the Right AFCI to Install

There are many types of AFCIs that you can install in your business or home premises. These range from the outlet AFCIs, portable AFCIs, to circuit breaker AFCIs. Generally speaking, AFCIs can be used the same way as GFCIs but they aren’t in same class level. There are some AFCIs that can show if they have been tripped because of ground fault or arc fault. You may want to talk to your electrician about what AFCI you need to install. They will audit and inspect your home to see which areas need more additional electric safety devices like circuit breakers, AFCIs, and GFCIs.

Because electricity presents many dangers, you need to understand what devices you can use to offer more protection. Having electrical issues in your home can prevent many risks and unless an electrician addresses the hazards, you may suffer a lot and risk your kids, pets, or other people being electrocuted. A Burlington electrician can help with electricity safety in your home by not only checking the appliances but identifying the risks and hazards present. AFCIs come in handy if you have kids, disabled persons, and people with limited mobility because they can prevent fire from occurring.