Oodles of sites on the web provide information on mesoamerican cultures and archaeological projects. Only a few are listed here. Most include links to other sites.
Images of Mesoamerican art and architecture are available at Foto Search Stock Photography
Mike Ruggeri's Ancient America website has a lot of basic information about Mesoamerican cultures and keeps up to date on breaking news. The site covers North, Central and South America. Recently he has developed reference sites for Teotihuacan , Olmec , Toltec and Aztec, Zapotec , Mesoamerica after the fall of Teotihuacan , West Mexico , and Casas Grandes
Check out the Maya site of La Milpa in Belize: a three-dimensional site map, fly-overs; pics and info. Basic information on Maya architecture can be found on Martin Lominy's website
The Canadian Archaeological Association website includes a virtual archaeological expedition, the Canadian Journal of Archaeology, conference papers, news about archaeology in Canada, and other information.
the Precolumbian Art Research Institute in San Francisco: (PARI) provides numerous on-line articles, primarily related to Palenque, also general news and links to other sites. Mesoweb is the parent site of PARI and provides links to other sites as well as a lot of material and articles not found elsewhere.
Teotihuacan: http://archaeology.la.asu.edu/teo this site has news of recent work at Teotihuacan as well as basic information. The University of Pennsylvania is a major institution for Mesoamerican studies. The University Museum site has loads of information, not only about Mesoamerica, but precolumbian cultures generally and other world cultures as well.
Mesoamerican Photo Archives, by David Hixson, a graduate student at Tulane. This site has superb photos of many sites.

Mesoamerican Archeology, by Tom Burglin, provides links to a very wide variety of Mesoamerican resources.

FAMSI: Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, provides a wealth of visual material, Linda Schele drawings, Justin Kerr photographs and a bibliographic database organized for serious research. The Yaxuna Project website provides a history of the project; articles, maps, and site models.

Visit the Copan Sculpture Museum via the Peabody Museum.

The website of the Templo Mayor Museum in Mexico City provides information on Aztec culture.

Peter mathews, now in Australia, worked at El Cayo, in Chiapas. This site provides information about that project.  
The Sociedad Mexicana de Antropologia has a website that is under construction. At present it has the call for papers for the next Mesa Redonda Trent University runs a field school at the Maya site of Minanha in Belize.
The Department of Archaeology, Calgary University, sponsors a field school in Antigua, West Indies. The Aztlan E-Journal provides substantive scholarly articles on a variety of mesoamerican subjects.
Fotomaya has some very beautiful images of Mesoamerican scenes of various kinds including many archaeological sites. Wayne Parrott Roech has links to a wide range on information on Guatemala, including Maya material.
The Maya World Studies Center in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico maintains a site with much information on Maya culture, including calendar studies. Chris Beekman maintains a website providing information on archaeology in Central Jalisco and the Teuchitlan tradition.
The Archaeological Legacy Institute in Oregon maintains a website providing information on world archaeological traditions including mesoamerican. The Canadian Museum of Civilization provides basic information about Maya civilization in a very accessible form. To access it click on "civilizations" at the museum's homepage, and then on "Mystery of the Maya".

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