Tenoch, one of nine Aztec tribal leaders to whom were revealed the place where the Aztecs could receive the support of the forces of nature, likely in our year A. D. 1325. He wears the white robe of authority. He sits on the reed mat of rulership. And his name glyph is the cactus growing on a stone.

The name glyph is "te"(stone)-"noch"(fruit of the prickly pear nopalli cactus). "Tenochtitlan" is usually translated as "place founded by Tenoch".

This place, initially a small reedy island in Lake Texcoco, became the great city of Tenochtitlan over the following two centuries.

In mesoamerica cities developed around places of power, although not all such places became cities. There probably was no mesoamerican city not centered on a place of power. These places became the ceremonial centres of urban settlements throughout mesoamerica. Even small neighbourhoods, villages and hamlets, had small ceremonial centres. This practice developed after 1000 BC, approximately.

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