A pencil sketch by Stan Loten, original size about 12 by 14 inches. It depicts a Sun God image modelled in stucco over a stone armature on a stair-side outset of Structure E6 at Edzna, Campeche. The structure faces north, and this mask is on the left, or east side of the stair (right side of the structure). It is roughly two feet high and retains traces of polychrome paint. It had been encased in masonry of a superimposed later construction and its upper parts had been demolished along with the rest of the structure it was on. The large eyes and roman nose are diagnostics of Kinich Ahau, the sun of the morning, and so its east-side position corresponds to rising sun.

   The element under the ear plug is a personified bird wing that may link this image to another known as the serpent-bird representing the planet Venus. Venus and the sun are paired in Maya cosmology and appear in the Popol Vuh as twin brothers. The personified wing also connects to the Maya word "itz", usually translated as some activity dealing with supernatural power, so this building may have housed some kind of sun-god priestly function.

A few more views of Edzna are available on a slide show.

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