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Kathryn Math: Executive Director

Math is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Art History at Concordia University. Her undergraduate thesis work contributed a new mode of studying art which combines art historical methodology, anthropological interpretation, and computational analyses. Her research focuses on the intersection between mythology, art, politics, and identity in the art of the Americas.

Helen Haines: Events Director

Dr. Haines is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Trent University and Director of the Ka`Kabish Archaeological Research Project. Her primary research interest focuses on the socio-political and economic development of early complex societies in Mesoamerica. She has done fieldwork in Belize since 1990 and did her doctoral research with Maya Research Project at Blue Creek. In 2005, She started the the Ka’Kabish Archaeological Research Project (KARP).

Geoffrey McCafferty: Research Director

Dr. McCafferty is a professor in the department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Calgary. His three major research areas are Central Mexico, Central America, and Social Identity (especially gender and ethnicity). He is currently directing archaeological excavations in Pacific Nicaragua where they are investigating Mesoamerican colonization of the region in the centuries prior to the Spanish conquest. Nevertheless he maintains active involvement in all three of these research areas.

Diana Moreiras: Social Media Director

Moreiras is a Ph.D canadate at the University of Western Ontario specializing in bioarcheology and stable isotope analysis. Her research interests include: subsistence and food practices; dietaryreconstruction; interaction between plants and humans; origins, distribution, use, significance of cacao (chocolate) and other native foods to the Americas.


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