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The Society's objectives are:

to promote the study of Olmec, Mayan, Teotihuacano, Aztec, and other Pre-Columbian cultures.

to provide a network of Canadian mesoamericanists (including students, professionals, and independent learners) for the exchange discoveries and work;

to assist Canadian mesoamericanists currently studying or working within the countries of Central America by establishing scholarly relationships between institutions;


to present contemporary research on the cultures of Mesoamerica and opportunities to the general public through educational lectures, events, and outreach.


The CSMS was founded in 1992 as a not-for profit corporation by a collective of enthusiastic Mesoamericanists within the country to provide a place of resources and education about the area.

In 2017, the society was revived due to the combined efforts of one of the society's founders, Dr. Stan Loten, and Kathryn Math.


The field is still ripe for discovery and exploration. We hope to reinvigorate the study of these ancient cultures and their lingering influence on present Latin American society.

Once a sufficient membership is gathered, we hope to facilitate discourse and exchange through an annual conference, which would include lectures and poster session presentations. Keep in touch by joining as we strive to make this a reality.