Structure 5D 33 !st A, or Temple 33, Tikal, after clearing,removal of some debris, and excavation of a tunnel at centre base. Almost all terrace facing, and most of the backing masonry, had fallen. Both ends of the two-room summit building were gone.

This was a landmark structure at Tikal when it was built near the end of the 7th century CE. It introduced the type of architecture seen in the Great Temples (I, II, III, IV, and VI) of Tikal's period of dominance in the Late Classic Period (roughly the 8th century CE).

It was built over an earlier temple on the main stair up to the North Acropolis and set up the now familiar focus on the Great Plaza.

The archaeological tunnel at the base of the pyramid encountered Stela 31, one of the most important sculptural monuments at Tikal.

Most of T33 was taken down to reveal the earlier structure (5D 33 2nd) which retained a series of masks. This process is illustrated in a short slide show starting here.

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